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GroupFlier lets you easily setup and manage groups to keep your customers, employees, membership, family or teammates instantly informed via text messages, voice mails or conference calls. You can send and receive messages from anywhere using your mobile phone, a web browser or our iPhone and Android applications. A group can be either a broadcast or a chat group and can have up to a 1000 members per group with larger groups available on request. You can directly add members to your group or invite them to join your group via the web or by texting a code to your group number. You can manage your groups by logging into our web interface or by using *commands from your mobile phone.

How GroupFlier Works
Confirm New Group
Create a Group

To create your first broadcast group, go to the homepage, give your group a name, enter your information and add as many members as you want and click the create button. You will receive a welcome text from your group number. Reply to this number to send your first message to the group. It's that simple!

When you create your first group you get a $10 credit to try us out. After you use up the $10 credit you can upgrade your account to continue using GroupFlier.


Text (SMS) messages are 4¢ for both incoming and outgoing messages. Messages delivered via our smart phone apps are 2¢. Conference calling and group voicemail is 3¢ per minute. System messages and *commands are not charged to your account. All charges are paid by the group owner. As a group member you pay no charges to GroupFlier but your carrier may charge for the text messages you send and receive from us in accordance with your texting plan. Likewise, time spent calling is subject to the normal conditions of your phone plan. To view your current balance, login to "Your Groups" and choose "Your Account."

Each message delivered to a group member incurs a charge. For example if you have a group of 10 people and send the group a text message the total charge will be 40¢.

Cost of sending and recieving
Forms of Reply
Mass Texting

Send a text message to the group and everyone will get it. The message will be from the group and prefaced by your nickname. In a chat group, a message sent from any member will go to everyone in the group. In a broadcast group, a message from the group owner will go to everyone, while a message from a group member will only go to the owner of the group. The owner of a broadcast group can also send a private message directly to a specific member by starting the text with *to [name or number].

Voice Mail

Call the group and press 3 to leave a voice message with the group. Group members will get a text instructing them to call the group to listen to the new message. In a broadcast group, a voice mail message from the creator can be heard by everyone, while a message from a member can only be heard by the group owner. You can have multiple messages at a time. You can delete a message at any time.

Conference Calling

Call the group, press 0 and everyone in the group will get a text inviting them to the conference. Anyone can start a conference call for a chat group. Only the group owner can start a conference call for a broadcast group. A conference call can have up to forty participants at a time.

Join with an Invite Code
Manage Page
Manage Your Groups

Login to view your groups, read group messages, write messages to the group, see who is in the group, and change your personal preferences. If you are the owner of a group, you can remove members and adjust the group settings. Group settings allow you to change the group name, add an invite code, toggle between a broadcast and chat group, and control if members can add, see, or message other members.

Inviting Others

While logged in, click the edit button next to the group name, and add an invite code. When a non-member texts this code to (617) 394-1386 or your group number they will be added to the group. If they follow the URL "[invite code]", they will be asked to enter their nickname and phone number before joining.

Join with an Invite Code
All ten *commands

You can also manage your groups from your mobile phone. Text a *command to a particular group to perform the corresponding action. Each *command starts with an asterisk, is one word in length, and is sometimes followed by a nickname and mobile phone number. View the full list of *commands here.

Control Your Presence

You can leave and rejoin a group anytime by texting *bye and *hi to the group, or by logging into "Your Groups".

Any other Questions?

Please contact us at and we would be happy to help you.